Crawl King Portal Axle Set

Crawl King portals offer an additional 4.9″ lift from the bottom of the diff.

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Designed for off-road and motorsports applications that require high ground clearance, Crawl King portals offer an additional 4.9″ lift from the bottom of the diff. The 1.5:1 reduction in the gearboxes transfers torque while keeping stress on the axle relatively low while the extra mass close to the ground level acts as a countermeasure to the lift. Combining AxleTech US Gear portal boxes with genuine Dana Spicer housings and gearing, this set of axles will be custom built and shipped to each customer’s specifications.

Include the following standard features

  • AxleTech US Gear Portal Wheel Ends
  • Spicer High Clearance High Pinion Ultimate 60 Front Housing
  • Spicer Ultimate 60 Rear Housing
  • Spicer Oversized Heavy Duty Dana C’s and Knuckles – Front Axle
  • Spicer Gearing – Your Choice Ratio
  • 8 x 6.5″ Wheel Bolt Pattern
  • Spicer Nodular Iron Diff Covers
  • Spicer or custom 35 Spline 4340 Chromoly Input Shafts
  • 41 Spline Output Shafts
  • 13” Wilwood Brakes
  • ARB or Eaton E-Locker

Price: $21964.00, includes front and rear.

Please call or email us to discuss your customization specs: axle width, diff drop, offset, caster and pinion angles, and any changes to the above standard specifications you want to make. EmWest Motorsports is committed to building custom axles using not only the brands we believe in, but the brands you support too. For example, if you prefer to use Yukon Ring and Pinions, let us know!

Custom Options Available

  • Curry Ford 9 Front and Rear Portal
  • High Pinion Rear Portal
  • Retrofit: Portal Kits Available for all four wheel ends on your current axles
  • Locker: Detroit, Limited Slip, Yukon Grizzly
  • Ring and Pinion: Yukon, US Gear
  • Brakes: 2 Calipers Per Wheel

Additional Accessories

  • ARB: Compressors, Coolers, Etc.
  • Warn: Winches, Recovery Gear, Etc.


  • Brake Clearance: Requires 17″ or larger wheel for brake caliper clearance
  • ABS: Does not include sensors
  • Portals: Do not include park brake provision. Suspension and steering design crucial to a build with portal axles.