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The Spicer Driveline

You can have a great, functioning engine and transmission, but if your driveline isn’t in good shape, you’re not going to get very far. When you experience trouble with your driveline, such as driveline vibration, the clunking of a damaged ring, pinion, worn-out transfer case, etc. Driveline vibration problems can crop up after a major overhaul in your system like putting in a new engine and transmission. But sometimes driveline components like driveshafts, axles, propshafts, differentials, etc. can just simply wear out. If you need to replace an element of your driveline or the whole thing, you’ll want to invest in genuine Spicer parts. The Spicer driveline is made up of OE (original equipment) parts and is unbeatable in durability, performance, and reliability. Here’s a brief overview of some major components in the Spicer driveline for Off-Highway vehicles:

The Spicer Axle

Dana-engineered and Spicer-designed axles are genuine parts and the best you can get. A sturdy axle is especially important for off-highway vehicles because they consistently travel over rough and uneven terrain. Spicer’s line of axles and axle components have a range of features to suit every kind of off-highway vehicle. They have load ratings from 1,200 pounds up to 140,000 pounds. They’ve been tested and proven in a variety of industries including logging, agriculture, forestry, construction, material handling, and mining. The line of rings and pinions are available with premium heat treat processes and optimized tooth profiles. Only the highest-grade steel is used in the manufacture for maximized durability.

The Spicer Driveshaft

When Clarence Spicer developed the first practical application of a cardan universal joint more than 100 years ago, he revolutionized the driveshaft and the entire driveline. Spicer driveshafts are known for their strength and power, and the innovative ways that they’ve evolved over the past century. Engineers are constantly improving the Spicer driveshaft as off-highway vehicles face new challenges. The Spicer driveshafts are quieter, they reduce vibration and offer a smoother ride.

The Spicer Transfer Case

For maximum power, no matter your transmission speed, you need to choose a Spicer Transfer Case. Full torque is ensured in both front and rear axles for a range of vehicles including fire trucks, dump trucks, logging equipment, sweepers, military vehicles, etc. These transfer cases deliver all-wheel drive power and are adaptable for midship mount, stationary, and direct mount requirements. They’re available on manual or air, have a 1:1 gear ratio, and there’s an optional front wheel disconnect.

Spicer offers the most durable, reliable, and highly-engineered parts on the market. The bottom line is, when you need new parts for your off-highway rig, you need to choose Spicer. For more information on genuine Spicer drivelines, contact us.

Photo: SpicerParts.com


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