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Choosing a Drive Shaft

There are certain part failures on a vehicle that could more than ruin your day. A tire blow-out can be annoying, but you’ll probably be able to get back up and running pretty quickly. But if your drive shaft goes out, you’re looking at a much more costly problem, with further demands on your time. If you’re looking into choosing a drive shaft, you probably already know what we're talking about. Your drive shaft went out, your unit is down, you need it up and running as quickly as possible. Here’s how you can choose the right drive shaft and avoid future part failures, or at least prolong the life of the part:

Whatever you do, don’t choose “will fit” parts

Just because it fits, does not mean it’s worth the money and time you’ll invest in it. Sure, will fit parts might be cheaper initially, but what you make up for in initial cost savings, you lose in quality, reliability, and future repair. Will fit parts might be fine for highway vehicles, but your machinery has to take a lot more stress. With an original, genuine manufactured part, you know that tolerances, operating parameters, metallurgy, and technical research & development are taken under consideration. You just can’t count on substandard non-genuine parts. They are almost guaranteed not to last as long as a genuine part and will most likely fail prematurely. When you factor in the cost of multiple repairs and the lost profits and high operating cost of downtime, a will fit part is going to cost you a lot more in the end.

Choose a Genuine Drive Shaft

What does genuine really mean? It means you’re getting a part that is the same as the original equipment (OE) that your off-highway vehicle came with. These parts were built for your machinery and the work you do with it. At EmWest, we recommend only genuine Dana Spicer drive shafts and other parts. These drive shafts have been under development since Clarence Spicer invented the first practical use for the cardan universal joint over 100 years ago. This means that engineering teams have been designing and testing to meet OE standards since then.

Spicer drive shafts are specially designed to reduce noise, vibration, and they are built to last. It takes a lot to wear these guys out. Torque capacity varies from 400 Nm to 15,000,000 Nm, so there are are options for a wide range of equipment in the agriculture, forestry, construction, mining, and material handling industries. No matter the size or job requirements of your equipment, there’s a Dana Spicer Drive Shaft that will help you get the job done. The leader in the industry, these drive shafts also provide a longer lube interval and fewer maintenance issues overall.

Don’t get suckered by companies producing non-genuine, will fit parts. Even worse than these parts being unreliable, is the potential risk that they will compromise the integrity of your other parts by not supporting the other components with adequate quality and strength. A will fit part will be a weak link in your machine, creating a weak link in your whole operation. Contact us today to learn more about Genuine Dana Spicer Off-Highway drive shafts, or inquire about part availability.

Photo: Spicer Parts


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