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Genuine Dana Off-Highway Parts versus Will-Fit Parts

When that time comes–your machinery is down, your guys are on the clock, and you need to get that unit up and running–you’re thinking, “Should I go with genuine Dana Off-Highway parts, or can I make do with will-fit?” Time is money, as they say, and as long as your unit is down, you can’t get the job done. With that kind of delay, when you’re already losing money, you might be tempted to go down to your local mechanic for the cheap, will-fit part for a quick fix. In the moment, it might seem like the most simple solution to go with will-fit, but you’re going to be better off with something you know is guaranteed to work.

If you’re trying to decide between genuine Dana Off-Highway parts and will-fit parts, you’re not alone. It’s not always easy to think about the long-term results at the time, but choosing the wrong part could cost you in the end. More and more people just like you are coming to the same conclusion when they have to choose a will-fit or genuine.

Let’s take a closer look at the genuine Dana Off-Highway parts. Dana offers the latest advances in quality and technology. These parts are better made and more reliable than the other option and they are known to last longer. They’re less noisy and they need maintenance less often. This means your equipment is more reliable as a whole. Plus, your operating cost will be lower when you don’t have to pay for all that unscheduled downtime.

A will-fit part, by its own definition, will fit, but it’s no match for a genuine part in quality. Will-fit parts may look similar to genuine parts, but they’ll have different markings and may not meet the minimum standards and specifications. You might have more change left over in your wallet after buying a quick-fix will-fit part, but the trade-off is being stuck with an unreliable product. Not to mention the added maintenance usually caused by installing inadequate parts. Using lower grade products can cause damage to your machinery over time, creating even more downtime, lost profits, and loads more headaches.

The bottom line is: A will-fit part might seem like an affordable way to get your machinery back to work, but it could cost you much more time, money and hassle in the end. Installing a non-OE (Original Equipment) part onto your unit is like giving a patient an organ from a non-compatible donor: it could have major long-term ramifications and damage your machinery. Driveshaft U-Joints were tested and the resulting data proves it will cost you more money over time if you replace parts with will-fit instead of genuine. Even axle gears last longer and you’ll get more cycles out of them with genuine Dana Spicer gears, as opposed to will-fit gears. Genuine Dana Spicer Off-Highway parts will save you money in the long run with less downtime and not so many unexpected maintenance costs due to failed accessories. There’s no substitute for genuine, take it from us.

If your unit is down and your choice is genuine or will-fit off-highway parts let us help you make the decision.


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