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Dana Axles: 44 vs. 60

Looking to replace the axle on your off-road, heavy duty, or off-highway rig? For off-roading and motorsports, the Dana 44 is the way to go. For commercial vehicles, fire trucks, etc., the Dana 60 is often the better choice. Sometimes the 60 is chosen for use in motorsports and off-road recreation. The trick is figuring out which series will work best for your rig. Both series offer both rear and front axle variations. Read on for an overview of each type.

Dana 44 Axle

The Spicer Driveline

You can have a great, functioning engine and transmission, but if your driveline isn’t in good shape, you’re not going to get very far. When you experience trouble with your driveline, such as driveline vibration, the clunking of a damaged ring, pinion, worn-out transfer case, etc. Driveline vibration problems can crop up after a major overhaul in your system like putting in a new engine and transmission. But sometimes driveline components like driveshafts, axles, propshafts, differentials, etc. can just simply wear out. If you need to replace an element of your driveline or the whole thing, you’ll want to invest in genuine Spicer parts. The Spicer driveline is made up of OE (original equipment) parts and is unbeatable in durability, performance, and reliability. Here’s a brief overview of some major components in the Spicer driveline for Off-Highway vehicles:

Choosing a Drive Shaft

There are certain part failures on a vehicle that could more than ruin your day. A tire blow-out can be annoying, but you’ll probably be able to get back up and running pretty quickly. But if your drive shaft goes out, you’re looking at a much more costly problem, with further demands on your time. If you’re looking into choosing a drive shaft, you probably already know what we're talking about. Your drive shaft went out, your unit is down, you need it up and running as quickly as possible. Here’s how you can choose the right drive shaft and avoid future part failures, or at least prolong the life of the part:

Genuine Dana Off-Highway Parts versus Will-Fit Parts

When that time comes–your machinery is down, your guys are on the clock, and you need to get that unit up and running–you’re thinking, “Should I go with genuine Dana Off-Highway parts, or can I make do with will-fit?” Time is money, as they say, and as long as your unit is down, you can’t get the job done. With that kind of delay, when you’re already losing money, you might be tempted to go down to your local mechanic for the cheap, will-fit part for a quick fix. In the moment, it might seem like the most simple solution to go with will-fit, but you’re going to be better off with something you know is guaranteed to work.

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Welcome to the EmWest Blog. Here you can find me discussing our genuine Dana Spicer Off-highway Parts. From one the smallest genuine parts, a Spicer O – Ring/Part # 60K40026 to some of the largest genuine parts, a Spicer 3200 Transmission Case/Part # 802746. The majority of these off-highway parts serve construction, agricultural, material handling, and mining markets. With our expertise we hope that this blog provides that extra support that gives your company that competitive edge.


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